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If you are building a new location or addition, looking to purchase a whole new electrical system, need a few outlets rewired, are installing additional light fixtures, hi-hats, electrical panels or if your circuit breaker needs to be replaced, ABC Electric is here to help you.



Troubleshooting, Machine Hookups, Warehouse Lights, Security Lights, Transformers Step-Up/Down, 480V Wiring, Motor Control Magnetic Starters Installation and Troubleshooting, Variable-Frequency drives (VFD), Electrical Panels, Grounding, High Voltage Wiring, Specialty Equipment Wiring, Installing all types of electrical conduits (pipe threading).


Troubleshooting, Dedicated Lines, Office Furniture Wiring, Load Centers, Office Lights, Remodeling, Electrical Panels, Dedicated Circuits, Grounding. ABC Electric can perform all your preventive maintenance needs.

residential electrical services

ELECTRICAL INSPECTION- The reason behind electrical inspections is to keep a home safe for families to live in. Every home has an initial inspection done by officials during the building process, if you are buying or selling a home, you want to perform an additional electrical inspection just to make sure it remains safe. ABC Electric will make sure to fix any code violations.

OUTDOOR ELECTRICAL OUTLETS-Improper outdoor outlets are quite common, especially in older homes. It was also typical in the past to install standard outlets for outdoor use, however, ABC Electric can install/upgrade to modern GFCI outlets for you.

INSTALL ADDITIONAL OUTLETS- Overloading is often the main reason for electrical outlet problems, if you are using a power strip or an extension box to increase the number of items you can plug into a single outlet, you may be unintentionally setting yourself up for problems.

ELECTRICAL SERVICE UPGRADE- An electrical panel or service upgrade involves replacing your existing breaker box with a panel that offers increased capacity. ABC Electric will also upgrade wiring, the meter socket, and other components to ensure nothing is holding your electrical system back any longer.

STANDBY GENERATORS-Your power can go out for any number of reasons. Storms cause damages to electrical poles or lines. When electrical service to your home or business is interrupted, a standby generator quickly detects it, starts up, and produces quiet, clean electricity so you can get on with your life. It's that simples. Contact ABC Electric to learn how we can help you!

FAN INSTALLATION- Many homeowners are not familiar with how much weight a ceiling can bear. An electrician can help tell a homeowner how big a fan should be to keep the ceiling from bearing too much weight. Also, the electrician understands the special type of ceiling fan bracket that must be used to keep the ceiling fan in place. When homeowners do try to install ceiling fans by themselves, the fans are often not properly installed and become wobbly. If a fan is wobbly, then a homeowner needs to call an electrician immediately. Because an electrician comes across this situation a lot, he understands it is necessary to make sure the fan blades are properly aligned and correctly fastened.